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ULTRAPIPESERVICE is a company founded by experienced persons in the oil and gas industry. Our company provides a range of solutions covering engineering and design, inspection and maintenance, tool fabrication, and other related areas. The company specializes in pipelines, petrochemical plants, oil and gas services, etc.
ULTRAPIPESERVICE consists of a variety of experienced teams in oil and gas industry. The categories of the company’s capabilities and experiences are shown below:

ULTRAPIPESERVICE holds patents of diver-assisted pipe plug, WROV operated pipe plug, Marine Growth Buster and Ultra Grabber.

Products Introduction

(Design & Built by UltraPipeService with proprietary design)

Our products cover ranges of onshore/offshore construction, operation & maintenance, and decommissioning works. our own resources and facilities for design and manufacturing the products and/or special tools at our shop in Rayong province. This help us to deliver our quality products/tools fast and efficiently to customers.  We categorize our products and special tools in 2 groups as follows:
Built to available/customer design(s)
  • Temporary pipe plug for construction or maintenance in modules or plants.
  • Temporary pig launcher/receiver
  • Foam pig
  • Sealing disc for pig
  • Rigging slings and spreader bar

Design & built with our “patent” (proprietary design by UltraPipeService)

  • Pipe plug for subsea pipeline decommsissioning
  • ROV pipe plug
  • Multi-disc pig
  • Marine Growth Buster
  • UltraGrabbler
  • UltraILT
  • Rigging slings and spreader bar

Ultrapipe service at Bangkok Office Thailand

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Ultrapipe service Factory at Rayong Thailand

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