Company Track Record

PTT GSP Fitness for Service, Rayong

Client : Dacon Inspection Technologies
Service : Preform Fitness-for-service for 8″ and 10″ onshore LPG pipelines

U-Tapao International Airport Hydrant Fuel Phase 1, Chonburi

Client : Index, McTric and Chuksamet Port
Service : Design and calculation of Water and Jet Fuel Tank farms.

Haliburton A-frame for applying sling lubrication, Songkhla

Client : ESP Group (Asia)
Service : Design A-frame with automatic winch to apply lubrication on sling.

PTT OR Lubrication Plant Extension, Songkhla

Client : ESP Group (Asia)
Service : Performed hydraulic analysis for PTT OR lubrication plant extension at Songkhla.

GGC Bio complex, Nakornsawan

Client : Attatech
Service : Performed heat transfer and ventilation analysis for molas tank farms.

Thaioil 24” Pipeline Inspection, Chonburi

Client : Dacon Inspection Technologies
Service : Performed minimum required wall thickness calculation for 24” pipeline.

Pipeline Engineer Secondment at CUEL, Bangkok

Client : CUEL
Service : Pipeline Engineer Secondment at CUEL.

PTTEP Replacement of topside piping, Bangkok

Client : Experteam
Service : Bidding support.

Map Ta phut Phase 3 LNG Terminal

Client : ITD, Gulf
Service : aisson breakwater engineering.

PTTEP Bongkot Decommissioning Bidding Support

Client : ITD
Service : Onshore Topside and Jacket decommissioning.

Pipe stress analysis 12” piping for pigging demonstration, Dexon, PTT

Client : Dexon, PTT
Service : Piping for pigging demonstration.

30” pipe repair sleeve design and analysis, Experteam, PTTEP

Client : Experteam, PTTEP
Service : Pipe repair sleeve design and analysis.


Client : PTSC Vietnam
Service : Offshore A -frame engineering design


CVX Subsea Pipeline Decommissioning, Gulf of Thailand

Client : PTSC Offshore Services Joint Stock Company (POS)
Service : Supplied 10-bar pipe plugs 6”, 10”, 16”

PT Radiant Utama pipeline inspection accessories supply, Indonesia

Client : PT Radiant Utama
Service : Supplied fittings and pipeline accessories for pipeline modification for inspection.


Client : Pro Offshore
Service : SUPPLIED 10-bar Pipe Plug 6“

TPN pipeline

Client : CPP
Service : Supply sealing disc for bidi pig

CVX subsea pipeline decommissioning.

Client : InterMoor, Chevron
Service : refurbishment of 6”, 10” and 16” used pipe plugs and fabricate new 6” pipe plugs for Chevron exploration & production (Thailand) subsea pipeline decommissioning project.

PTTLNG interconnecting pipeline

Client : ITD
Service : supply foam pigs and BiDi pig for 28” PTTLNG pipeline

PTTLNG 28” interconnecting pipeline, hydro test, cleaning, drying, and N2 purging/packing

Client : PTTLNG, Repco, Kation
Service : Interconnecting pipeline, hydro test, cleaning, drying, and N2 purging/packing.

PTTLNG Nitrogen purging/packing

Client : ITD
Service : N2 purging/
packing 3 loops

Rayong Terminal Empty Solvent Product in Pipeline

Client : Kation
Service : Empty solvent product in 12” pipeline from tank farm to jetty.

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