UltraPipeService invent the special cut & lift tools, so called “UltraGrabbler” with ultimate desire to

Perform the onshore jacket dismantling without anyone working at height. Traditionally, the man in basket is required to work at height, around 40m. from ground level with very high risk to personnel safety. Key benefits of UltraGrabbler include:

  • Highly recommended for jacket dismantling work
  • Suitable to work for jacket in horizontal and vertical position.
  • Zero personnel risk due to zero person to work at height
  • Zero risk from gas leaking during cutting operation
  • Lowest cost option

This tool can cut and lift the jacket members up to 48” diameter. The standard cut length is 4 m. The customized cut length can be adjusted to customer requirements

For jacket dismantling in vertical position, UltraILT (UP6) will be required for lifting operations