when your pipeline mainternance calls for mild scraping,final drying or water removal after hydrostatic testing,select a Yellow Sweb,Blue Bare or Red Bare poly foam pig. Ultra foam pig bare poly foam pigs are made of durable,resilience flexible polyrethane foam rangig in density from 1 up to 10 lbs. cu. ft. Ultra foam pig resist mild acids, caustic solutions and hydrocarbons. The cylindrical Yellow Swab has a vapor seal on one end. The Blue Bare and Red Bare models are cylindrical with a bullet nose and dished end.

    Ultra foam pig are industrial pipeline and municipal water main cleaners and product recovery devices. The basic design consists of a flexible,bullet shaped polyurethane foam cylinder. The rear end of the Ultra foam pig is concave in order to allow more perssure to be exerted and create a tighter seal against the pipe wall. This helps to prevent “by-pass” of the propelling agent (water,air or product) and Virtually eliminates product contamination.

    Overall length of Ultra foam pig (Blue and Red Series) are approx 2 times the diameter of the pipeline and oversize of the bare pigs varies between 0.25”and 0.75″ depending on size of pig and pipe grade.